The Best Work at Home Strategies I’ve Discovered

This is part one of a two part series on The Best Work at Home Strategies I’ve Discovered. 

Having gone from a traditional teaching job into the non traditional work from home writing career I’m well aware that working from home requires discipline and planning. To assist those who are new to this type of work situation I’ve created a set of strategies that helped me stay on track.

DDFic Flickr Creative Commons

DDFic Flickr Creative Commons

*Set a Schedule

Choose a time frame that works for your life and lifestyle and stick to it. When I was working on the final portions of a book I’m trying to get published I set a schedule to edit/write three hours each morning.  That was a good amount of time to work on my project, but not so long as to overwhelm me.  It also depends on the project you’re working on and the tasks involved. You may decide you can write three hours easily then take a break and do two hours of  phone calls and related tasks that go along with your current project. The great part of working at home is that you create the schedule. The flip side of working at home is that you have to be dedicated and disciplined to stay on task. Distractions such as laundry, errands and other household tasks are everywhere, so plan accordingly and stick to your schedule.

*Choose Your Work Areas

I watched an episode of Oprah last week where Nate Burkus went to Necker Island and visited Richard Branson, the owner and creator of Virgin. His work area is a hammock on the patio overlooking the Caribbean. He does all his work and phone calls from there. When he needs to work with someone, there is a chair nearby to have a meeting. So choose an area you enjoy being in for your work area, or several areas.I have come to love three areas in my home for work. My patio tops the list, followed by my dining room with a view of the canal and the third is my home office.  Depending on my mood, my writing project and the weather I choose accordingly; for me the setting can  definitely can be inspiring and calming.

*Don’t Get Distracted

Make calls before or after your set time to work.

Walk and feed your pets before you begin.

Unless your expecting a business call that needs to be taken set your phone on silent, so you can work undisturbed.

Choose your work time according to when you’ll have the fewest distractions.

Keep necessary materials and research in one mobile container. This way no matter what area you choose to work in you have all your materials nearby and you aren’t wasting time searching for things you need to complete your project.

Invest in high speed Internet and a wireless router. If you work from your computer as I do, it’s a blessing to be able to work from any spot in the house or yard.

For other work at home tips, check out A More Efficient Use of Your Valuable Time By: Myscha Theriault

Editor’s Note: Transitioning to a full-time work at home situation doesn’t always happen all at once. One way to begin the transition is to work for a company that is at least comfortable with the telecommuting concept under certain situations. One such company is Global Response, a firm which offers live chat support and allows work at home arrangements for certain employees in transition, such as new moms.

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  1. Herman says:

    Hi Lisa

    Thats a really nice article I think the biggest road block many people face is getting distracted which you have pointed out. If people focus on just one Job, they do well more often than not.

    This is such a coincidence I just wrote an article on something similar on my site you can check it here.

    Please let me know what you think



  2. Lisa Overman says:

    Thanks Herman, some additional tips!

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