Seventh Generation Cleaning Supplies Give Away and a Chance to Win a Green Home Makeover


Would you love to extend Earth month in your home the whole year round? Iím giving away a Seventh Generation cleaning supplies kit this week on our home living and lifestyle blog.† Leave a comment to enter the contest, and find out how to enter to win a $5,000 green home makeover from Seventh Generation. †Cool, huh?

First, the kit.†

So I would know what you were entering to win, I requested a sample of the cleaning supply kit to review. Itís a pretty hefty prize pack including disinfecting wipes, all purpose cleaning spray, dishwashing liquid, a scrubby pad, putty knife, microfiber cleaning cloth and a package of unbleached paper towels.

How do you get your chance to win one?

Post a comment below stating why you want the chance to go green in your home between now and Friday, May 7th. Iíll choose the winner via a random number generator, and coordinate with the winner to get your prize package in the mail.

Find out about the $5,000 green home makeover.

For those interested in winning an even grander prize from Seventh Generation, use this informational link to their Mother Nature contest. It has all the entry information for the contest and the various prizes being given away, including the $5,000 green home makeover, boatloads of cleaning products and more. There are also some decent secondary prizes being given away in addition to the grand prize of the green home makeover.

Photos provided by the company. Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this article by Seventh Generation.† I did receive a sample kit for review purposes, and for background information on this contest.

Congratulations to Jeanie Winchester! The integer generator chose #4 as the comment to win. Thanks to everyone for participating.


  1. Kim Gendron says:

    I would love to sample these Green Products. Thanks

  2. Dawn DeWitt says:

    I’m actually in the process of greening my cleaning supplies so this kit would difinitely be a step in the right direction.

  3. Kate says:

    This would be great! We are always trying to go a little greener, in babysteps. I haven’t switched to green products yet, but I am acutely aware of minimizing the packaging on my cleaning supplies.

    Thanks, Myscha!

  4. The area we are in makes it very hard for us to be “green”. It took us THREE months to get recycling bins from the town and it’s virtually impossible to find anything in the way of cleaners that are “green” in this area as well. I would love to try these products and find out if we could make our house more “green” beyond recycling bins.

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