The Delight of Cooking with Pineapple

With warm weather and grilling season upon us our minds naturally think of eating outdoors. Your guests will love pineapple recipes. One scrumptious pineapple recipe your guests will love is Grilled Pineapple. Cooking with pineapple is simple and enjoyable. This recipe offers a melt in your mouth taste of the islands with the juicy flavor of pineapple teamed with the smoky taste of grilling and the sweetness of a brown sugar syrup. This is a quick and affordable pineapple recipe that will have family and friends alike asking for more.

Cut Pineapple By: The Bridge

Cut Pineapple By: The Bridge

Having lived in the islands I have a particular fondness for fresh pineapple recipes. While I lived on Oahu I learned the easiest way to cut a pineapple. Once you gain the confidence to cut a fresh pineapple you’ll never forget how and it will expand your ability to use fresh pineapple in many affordable pineapple recipes.  How about Mojito’s with pineapple , Hawaiian Beach Smoothiescheeseballs, or this recipe for pineapple cookies.  These are among some of my favorite ways to use fresh pineapple and to add a tropical twist to the menu. Check out this recent Wise Bread post called 12 Cheap Pineapple Recipes

Easy Grilled Pineapple

Cut several one inch thick quarters of fresh pineapple as suggested in the How to Cut a Fresh Pineapple link. Make a simple syrup with water and brown sugar.  Brush each quarter of  the pineapple with the simple brown sugar syrup. Grill the pineapple sections for four minutes on each side so that you have nice grill marks, but don’t overcook the pineapple. It can become mushy.

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