Cream Cheese Sandwich Spreads


This isn’t a new idea.  Consumers of bagels had this idea long ago.  Put cream cheese on a sandwich!  I adopted the idea while in college in Cleveland and have never looked back.  Cream cheese is a wonderful replacement for aged cheese on any sandwich that includes deli meat.  It’s a less expensive food item, less fatty (especially if one uses Neufchatel), and stays on the sandwich.

Then, consider jazzing up that cream cheese.  I’ve added fresh garlic and dill; horseradish and bacon; sun dried tomatoes; or roasted peppers as savory options.  Cream cheese with cinnamon and honey goes great with banana or apple on a sandwich.  The savory cream cheese options are great paired with a nice deli meat, rolled, and sliced for an appetizer, too.

Still, my point is that a sandwich does not need to be just a sandwich.  There are many options for jazzing up the sandwiches in your brown-bag lunch.  Be the kid in the lunchroom who’s envied by the other kids, add some garlic and dill cream cheese to that canned salmon sandwich!

Editor’s Note: Going dairy free? Check out this list of vegan sandwiches.

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