Spice Travels

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I love to travel but I don’t love packing. I’m on a constant quest to reduce my take-a-longs.  Yet, no matter how strict I am about traveling light, I find there are a handful of ‘non-essentials’ that really pull their weight.

My essential take-a-longs run to my palate. Along with my favorite tea and tea paraphernalia, I also pack—wait for it—crushed red pepper. Until now, I’ve had to make do with the awkwardness and extra weight of spice bottles or repackaging the woeful mess in odor-permeable, plastic zip bags. It’s no wonder that I was practically ecstatic when I stumbled upon spice bags by Badia.  Consumers of Latino cooking are already familiar with this manufacturer of spice products but it took me a trip to Florida to discover their spice  varieties in travel-size bags. What really sells me on this product is its odor-proof bag and the grip of its zip seal. Problem solved! Now I can take along my favorite flavor enhancer, no matter how far from home.

Available nationwide in stores and online in .5 oz bags. Priced under $1.00. Find at Badia-spices.com.

Photo credit: Cynthia Harrington

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