Middle East Inspired Sandwich


Itís tough finding easy ways to enjoy Middle Eastern food when the nearest appropriate market is 45 minutes away. However, if I stock up on zatyr when I go, itís possible to have a little Middle East flavor with other ingredients I have more convenient access to.

Hereís a simple sandwich recipe I like to use thatís suitable for fast lunches and casual party food:

  • Mix up some zatyr spice mix with olive oil in an airtight glass container until you have spreadable paste. (This stuff keeps forever in the fridge. So if you find you like it, go ahead and make up a big batch.)
  • Using smaller club rolls, slice them in half and spread each interior side with some of the zatyr and olive oil mixture.
  • Add one medium thick slice of block mozzarella and one slice of Roma tomato per sandwich.

These make great light meals and snacks throughout the day or to take to work. With some cocktail toothpicks added, you can do an entire tray of them for a large party. In a sandwich mood? This article has even more stylish sandwich ideas.†For those on a more reduced meat and dairy diet, here is an article featuring various ideas for vegan sandwiches.

Photo Credit: Cbertel

This post was submitted to the February 24, 2010 edition of Wanderlust and Lipstick’s Wanderfood Wednesday.


  1. Wanderluster says:

    This sounds so easy yet SO yummy!

  2. Thanks! They are super easy, for sure. It’s the zatyr spice blend with the oil that takes them over the top flavor-wise.

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