IrfanView – A Quick and Clean Graphic Tool


Like any computer tool, IrfanView is one of many available of its type.  I own Photoshop, but for basic image manipulation, the following are the primary reasons I use this tool.

1. Irfanview is Freeware. It’s not a trial software and there are no nags for licensing or registration or anything.

2. It supports many, many graphic formats. A  jpg image can be opened and saved as a gif, a tif, or any other of 22 formats. Different extensions for different applications. And the result is seamless…

2. The whole install takes up only 9.23 mb and requires very little memory to run.  There is just one exe and no additional dll’s.

3. Image rotation results in no loss of image integrity.

4. The most common tools for any user are cutting, cropping, and resizing.  With Irfanview, these operations are a snap.

5. Plugins can be all installed at once, or in bits.  A multi-media player option, OCR, and send by email right from IrfanView are examples of available plugins.  You can use them, or not!

6. Batch conversion or renaming is a breeze in IrfanView.

7.  I use IrfanView a lot to manage screen prints. ALT-PrtSc and CTRL-V to paste into IrfanView and you’ve got an easy way to save a copy of whatever from your PC screen and cut out whatever you don’t want or need.  That’s how I got the IrfanView home page banner for the top of this post.

This is just a fine product, in my opinion, with a dynamic user base. The forums are a great place to learn the ins and outs of the more advanced functions.  I have nothing bad to say about IrfanView and recommend it often when asked my opinion.

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