70 Ideas to Enjoy with Your Advent Calendar


Looking for some affordable ways to jazz up this year’s advent calendar experience? Here are seventy separate suggestions to enjoy daily this December. Incorporate them into your family’s advent calendar as you see fit. Ready? Read on.

1. Decorate an outdoor edible Christmas tree for local birds and other wildlife. Consider popcorn garlands or peanut butter and bird seed covered pine cone ornaments.

2. Hot chocolate with crushed peppermint or other toppings.

3. Chocolate martinis.

4. Make caramel corn.

5. Make wrapping paper.

6. Read and watch The Polar Express.

7. Watch both versions of The Grinch.

8. Watch a three-movie marathon of The Santa Clause.

9. Read the Christmas story from the bible as a family.

10. Exchange gift coupons with each other for things such as foot rubs, massages or a favorite meal.

11. Have a family pajama party with board games and hot cider.

12. Decorate the tree.

13. Jazz up the mailbox to suit the holiday.

14. Make a Christmas wreath together.

15. Make and decorate holiday cookies. Keep it as simple or as elaborate as you need to.

16. Have a peppermint bubble bath.

17. Enjoy a frankincense or myrrh scented massage. (Make the scented oil together or whip it up as a gift for your partner.)

18. Make homemade holiday treats for the family pet.

19. Sing Christmas carols as a family.

20. Go sliding down the nearest safe hill.

21. Build a snowman.

22. Drive or walk through the neighborhood to see the Christmas lights.

23. Go on a holiday hay ride.

24. Donate a food box to a local homeless shelter.

25. Read a holiday children’s book by the fire. Use one you already have, check one out from the library or buy one for the family as a gift if that suits your needs and budget.

26. Make Christmas cards for relatives.

27. Make holiday postcards for friends and family. This is helpful if you want to send something in the mail, but don’t want to pay the postage rates for full sized cards.

28. Have a holiday photo shoot for the family postcards or electronic greeting cards.

29. Write your family newsletter or e-message for this year.

30. Drink eggnog and make a holiday centerpiece.

31. Candlelight Christmas wishes for others around the world.

32. Put on holiday tunes and rock out for a family Christmas dance contest.

33. Ice skating. Formally dress for a holiday themed dinner with china, silver, crystal, etc.

34. Unwrap one present before bed on Christmas Eve.

35. Unwrap a special chocolate each.

36. Enjoy a candy cane with whatever holiday show is on TV that night.

37. Wrap gifts.

38. Go see the Nutcracker ballet.

39. Make tree ornaments for gifts.

40. Pick out one new Christmas album or CD.

41. Hang up the family Christmas stockings.

42. Read a story called The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. (This will take a few evenings.)

43. Throw a party.

44. Go to a party.

45. Attend a Christmas concert.

46. Write a holiday poem for this year’s Christmas letter.

47. Send holiday e-cards to friends and family.

48. Marbles as a kiddy gift.

49. Jacks as a kiddy gift.

50. Word puzzle books on a night when you have heavy duty parent projects to get done.

51. Go to one of this season’s Christmas movies in the evening or for an afternoon matinée.

52. Foil wrapped chocolate coins or other special holiday candles as an after dinner treat with coffee or tea.

53. Make paper snowflakes.

54. Make toffee or peppermint bark.

55. Write letters to Santa.

56. Make gifts for teachers.

57. Make eggnog milkshakes.

58. Coffee and Bailey’s.

59. Miniature bottles of alcohol for special evening cocktails.

60. Vanilla ice cream topped with cream de menthe.

61. Put up any outside decorations.

62. Do something nice in service for a neighbor who is having difficulty. (Shovel snow, deliver a hot meal, etc.)

63. Stamp and cut out homemade holiday gift tags.

64. Printable activity pages for the kids. (Coloring sheets, word puzzles, etc.)

65. Incorporate an appropriate scripture for each evening’s advent activity. Take turns reading that night’s scripture as a family.

66. Visit Santa.

67. Make a Salvation Army donation at one of the stores where they have a volunteer.

68. Make hot buttered rum.

69. Enjoy homemade pumpkin pie lattes.

70. Mix up some cranberry mimosas.

Got another great idea for advent calendar activities? Share the love in the comment section below.

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  1. These are really great ideas. I like that you have mainly activities. Making memories!

  2. Thanks, Maggie!

    Those were my thoughts, too. Activities build memories and turn into traditions, which is what the holidays are supposed to be about. Glad you enjoyed the piece.

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