Hashtag Twitter Hacks for Tweetdeck Users


Have you been involved with Twitter for a while now? Ready to take it to the next level with hashtag discussions? Shelly Terrell over at the Teacher Reboot Camp blog has a great post on how to use Tweetdeck to follow those trending and other hashtag topics efficiently.

To tell you the truth, this information would have been super helpful at the #cheaptalk live event we had in the greater Miami area last month. That’s OK though, because I’ll have it on file for next time. Shelly’s article is called Using Tweetdeck for Hashtag Discussions, and covers four main tips in an instructional video lesson.

First, using the wrench icon (settings) on the top right side of your Tweetdeck screen. You can check off the option to include hashtags automatically when replying and save the settings selection. This speeds up your keying in time tremendously and helps give you that extra edge when trying to participate in a fast moving Twitter discussion.

Second, the recent hashtag icon available when you are in actual tweet mode. It’s on the bottom right of your tweet cloud as you type in the message. (Definitely watch the video for these tips, as it makes things crystal clear.) If you haven’t used one in a couple days and want to get it right as well as save yourself some keystroke time, this allows you to select which hashtag you want to pop into your message with a single click.

Third, the magnifying glass icon in the row of buttons on the top left of your Tweetdeck screen. Click this, then add the hashtag you want to follow. Press enter. That hashtag discussion now has its own column, movable via the arrows at the bottom. This allows you to follow the discussion in real time, select a screen location that’s convenient for you, and still be able to use all of the functionality you’ve come to enjoy from Tweetdeck.

Finally, the avatar hover capability. This is particularly great for follow hashtags and retweet chains. If you select “other options”, and choose the specific tweet, you can opt to reply to all those mentioned in the tweet. If you are trying to reach out and say thanks to a ton of people at once, or spread the word without having to type in numerous identical tweets in a row, this feature is particularly helpful.

This review gives an overview of what Shelly covers only. I highly recommend watching the video linked to above. It will give you a hands-on tool to get cranking with hashtag discussions right away. You can follow Shelly Terrell on Twitter. For those who would like to check out her blog, it’s called the Teacher Reboot Camp.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! You did a great job with the description and instructions. Tweetdeck really saves people time when using Twitter. I sometimes wonder why many people are still using the web.

  2. webmaster says:

    Hi Shelly,
    Thanks for stopping by. Glad to do the review. It was a great instructional video.

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