Sexy Peel: A Lush Product Review


I recently had a chance to test drive the sexy peel variety of Lush brand soaps. A little spendy compared to the price I normally like to pay, but definitely a quality soap. Interested in what I thought about it? Read on.

Well, like I said this isn’t exactly the most economical soap on the market. That being said, I found it to provide a serious nose tingling citrus blast in the shower with a fresh scent and a reasonable amount of bubbles. It lasted a decent amount of time as well, so if you are looking to indulge in a luxury soap or splurge on one for a gift this soap should not be a disappointment.

Doable for every day? Not on my budget. Worth the splurge when you feel like a little luxury? I think so. I’m also a fan of their solid shampoos and conditioners. Have you had a chance to try sexy peel soap or any other Lush products? What was your take?

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