Decorating With Pumpkins

Outdoor pumpkin display

Flickr Photo Credit: Sister 72

Recently, I was poking around the web looking for pumpkin decorating ideas that were a little classier than the basic pile o’ gourds.

Here’s what I found:

  • This one shows a white pumpkin used as a vase to hold red flowers and candles. Very Christmasy.
  • Here’s an idea, courtesy of Martha Stewart, that shows how to use miniature white (or any color) pumpkins to create candle holders and fall centerpieces. A fun idea with room for moderation.
  • MarthaStewart.Com is also the inspiration for this fun tea light and miniature pumpkin chandelier fashioned on a grape vine wreath. Very cute, and perfect for a porch side gathering.
  • This very elegant centerpiece idea, suitable for an autumn wedding, is compliments of Better Homes and Gardens. It involves using white pumpkins, silver display pedestals or urns, and lots of ivy and white flowers.

I’ve seen other fun ideas of this sort on the web as well. Using gold spray paint and silk plant garlands, pumpkins can be used for all sorts of harvest displays with a bit of formal flair. Know of any I haven’t linked to? Post away!

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