A New Technique for Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

 Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Flickr Photo Credit: Word Ridden

This one is also courtesy of Linsey Knerl, a blogger for WiseBread.Com.

Basically, you boil / simmer the seeds in heavily salted water for about 10 minutes before roasting them with whatever seasonings you want. There are further detailed instructions on the link listed above, but that’s basically it. We tried it for the first time this Halloween when David carved our annual jack-o-lantern. They were much crispier and crunchy this way. Loved ‘em!

You might try these seeds sprinkled over your pumpkin ravioli, as a soup garnish or tossed into your make ahead bread mixes.

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  1. Linsey Knerl says:

    Myscha! Thanks for the link! I’m lovin the crunchier seeds too!

  2. myscha39 says:

    You are so welcome, Linsey. Your tips rock.