Preventing Frozen Pipes and Other Winter Home Prep

frozen pipes

Flickr Photo Credit: Jimmy Joe†

As we are in the process of researching how the heck we are supposed to do this for the winter, I thought others might appreciate the research we have done thus far and a bit of info on how we are approaching it.

For starters, my husband is placing foam insulation tubes around every exposed pipe we can possibly find. We are also placing a heat lamp inside the concrete spring casing and are planning on building an insulated box for over the top of it. We’ll need to develop some sort of system for raising the cord up off the ground until it reaches the house, as we also don’t want it freezing into the ice or getting chewed up by the snow blower.

We will also be stapling heavy plastic to the edges of the outside windows and according to good ol’ Dad, we should also include strips of cardboard weather stripping around the window sills too, prior to stapling the plastic. Apparently, this forms a tighter seal.

There are some other ideas we’ve been hearing about as well, and I’ve started compiling some research links to make sure we are doing everything we can. Below are the resources I’ve located thus far. If anyone has any others, please feel free to post and share ideas. A link from State Farm with various ideas including pipe insulation and heated tape. Some All State Tips for the same issue. Here is the Farmersí take on the frozen pipe prevention situation. A few more DIY ideas for frozen pipe prevention and emergency response. A few winter prep suggestions. A home insulation article from the Mother Earth News.