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I started posting on this a while ago . . . the idea of having a reference manual for the running of your home on a regular and emergency basis.

 There are a few links in the last post on the topic of home communication that provide forms and other organizational resources. As I’ve started gathering information and ideas for this project, it’s become apparent that before we even start documenting and organizing, what we really need is a starting list for all the items, schedules and other pieces of information that should be included.

I believe one of the links from the last post provided a few ideas. My mother and I have been discussing ideas together as she is also looking to start this project in her house. She mentioned a pamphlet my cousin had brought to a women’s church meeting that actually came from the cooperative extension service.

As I continue to research this issue, I’m putting out a call to anyone who has done this on their own. Any recommended lists would be helpful. While I don’t want it to be an organizational manual that is too tedious to use, not having enough information also defeats the purpose. I realize every family will have slightly different informational needs, but would be grateful for any shared information on the setting up process for these manuals.


  1. I created a manual for my house a couple years ago because of having house/pet sitters. It turned out to be very helpful and allowed house sitters to have a comfort zone in knowing what sounds they might hear…ie my water softner or my well. It was also helpful in explaining particular tasks in the house..ie trash day, watering plants, finding pet foods and who to contact if something did need attention.

  2. myscha39 says:

    They are definitely worth the effort, I agree. It’s that finding the time to do it part . . .