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 Alternative Energy

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This will be a rather rough, unedited post. I’m in the middle of collecting information for when we actually are able to build. We want to include as many green strategies as possible.

Here is the research document, pasted as-is from my hard drive. I’ll do my best to make it fancier at a later date. In the mean time, I hope it’s helpful. Hydro – electric power design for flatter running creek beds without a waterfall or 10-20 foot drop. This system creates a “drop” for you and allows the use of hydro – electric power more economically in situations not previously thought possible. Article on orienting your home upon construction to achieve the greatest amount of passive solar benefit. Article and links about living off the grid. Alternative energy articles by subject, and links to other resources. Articles and books on alternative cheap building and alternative energy.

Book Titles:

Create an Oasis with Greywater, by Art Ludwig / Oasis Design

Builder’s Greywater Guide ( A Code Compliance Companion Book), by Art Ludwig

The Home Water Supply: How to find, filter, store and conserve it, by Stu Campbell.

The Humanure Handbook II, by Joe Jenkins

Onsite Domestic Sewage Disposal,

Grey water research: Australian grey water company. Article and book on branched grey water systems. Grey water storage tanks Grey water system company. Another grey water information page. Grey water resources and information. More information and design tips for grey water recycling. Grey water information site. Rainwater harvesting company / info. Rainwater harvesting site.  Rain harvesting site Water conservation and harvesting ideas for rainwater. Online store for water saving devices in your home.  Green plumbing alternatives. rain harvesting ideas. eco-home water solutions.

Black water recycling research: Black water recycling article. Fairly thorough article on black / grey water recycling.  water recycle article.



  1. Lisa says:

    I love this stuff, these are the ways everyone needs to be thinking! I wish I had used a green builder.

  2. myscha39 says:

    We’re hoping to incorporate as many green techniques and resources as possible. Wish us luck!