Product Review: G’Vine Gin

 G’vine Gin

Photo Credit: Colangelo & Partners PR

Looking to experience the lighter side of gin? 

This new brand of spirits had a much lighter aroma at first opening and this carried over to the first beverage David and I mixed. The product literature had specifically focused upon the differences in production for this gin, and I knew this would have some effect on the flavor. Because of this, I felt it was important to go with a more basic drink recipe using simple ingredients. It was the fairest way I could see to put the full focus of the tasting on the flavor of the product.

The first drink? A simple gin and tonic with a squeeze of lime. I have to say, as someone who has had to really work at “acquiring the taste” for gin, this product would have made the process much easier. The flavor is much more palatable. We also tried a gin and lemonade slush for the freezer. Initial verdict? Thumbs up.