Going Green: Giving New Life to Old Fabrics Through Tie-Dye

 Tie Dye Closeup

Flickr Photo Credit: PSD

Children of all ages love tie-dye, and it’s a great way to give new life to old fabrics.

Have an old T-shirt with a stain you can’t get rid of? Find some great sheets at the thrift store but your teen thinks they need more punch before being put to use in her room? What about some faded plain colored curtains that need a little pep? These are all great projects for tie-dye. I think using tie-dye for a cabana is a great idea to create a space that is fun, colorful and easy on the budget. Bright colors are fun for summer, and if you aren’t ready to put major bucks into a space but want it to have a little color for the season, this would be something you could do that would solve your problem and win over the kids at the same time. Little girls would have a blast using this idea in their own private play house!