Budget Decorating: The Power of Puzzle Pieces

 puzzle pieces

Flickr Photo Credit: Bludgeoner86

Ever wonder what to do with those puzzle pieces left over after some of the others get lost? Consider using them as a decorating medium.

Hot gluing them randomly in layers on a thrift store picture frame really gives it a new life. They make adorable ornamentation when glued in the same manner on one of those empty metal barrettes you can pick up at the craft store. What’s really great about this idea is that you can use it with any type of puzzle. Floral ones give a cottage feel, maps a more academic one. If you don’t have a box of old puzzle pieces kicking around the house, they can usually be found at various thrift stores for 25-50 cents. I’ve also seen this idea used for teacher gifts by using either the barrette idea or having some pieces arranged on a blank brooch pin like the kind you can buy in bulk at the craft center. Using them with a photo frame is a great idea for a child’s room!