Helpful Hints: What You Can Do with Rubbing Alcohol

 rubbing alcohol

Flickr Photo Credit: L. Marie

There are a ton of things you can do with rubbing alcohol. Is this news to you? Read on.

I love to use it as a bathroom cleaner by mixing it half and half with water and maybe a drop or two of scented oil. Just save an empty spray bottle.  You can also use it full strength in a spray bottle around cold season to wipe down light switches, telephone receivers, door handles, etc. It’s good if you can leave a little bit of moisture on the surface, as apparently (or so I’ve been told) the evaporation process helps with the disinfecting process.

I usually spray the alcohol on a cloth and wipe down the surfaces for cold season with that. Then there’s time for some evaporation to occur. The half and half mixture also makes a great glass and chrome fixture cleaner.

Some other ideas I picked up from my favorite e-zine, the Dollar Stretcher newsletter? Dry erase board cleaner (who knew?), making your own ice pack by filling and clearly labeling a freezer bag with one part alcohol and two parts water and storing in your freezer, dusty candle cleaner, and ink stain remover. (By the way, I looked for the original article on their site, but was unable to find. If anyone knows where it is, please let me know and I will provide the direct link. )

Of course, we all know rubbing alcohol is also great to have on hand for your home’s first aid kit. Any other ideas for rubbing alcohol? Feel free to post.