Halloween Chronicles: Hubba Hubba Halloween Ideas

 Halloween Costumes

Flickr Photo Credit: ChattingJason

Halloween is such a fun holiday with a ton of affordable ideas for decorating and party throwing.

Got some old clothes and newspapers? Create a scarecrow. Extra pumpkins? Carve away! Hay bales, gourds, corn stalks and other autumn harvest goodies? Create a great welcome display for your house. When I decide to go with something store bought, one affordable item that can be reused is the stretchable white cobweb stuff. It adds a ton of atmosphere, is easy to work with and doesn’t require a great deal of storage space until the next year. Creating spider webs out of yarn is great, particularly when you do a huge one that guests have to unwind in order to find a supply of treats. (This makes a great small group scavenger hunt.) Some ideas from around the web?

Another cute thing I’ve seen in the past year or two is something a friend of ours did with her daughter years ago. They still have this piece, as it hold up year after year. Basically, they used one pointed flat fence piece so the entire sign could easily be driven into the ground. Then, there were 2 or three other pieces of small thin flat boards that were nailed cross-wise across the vertical pointed piece. They were a little bit crooked, and I think they were actually supposed to be to add to the feel of the piece. Then, the entire thing was spray painted black. From there, you lightly sketch on words or phrases appropriate to the holiday (beware, gouls only, etc.) and paint over the letters in white or a glow in the dark color. She let her young child do this and the extra dripping of the paint actually added to the creepy Halloween feel of the sign. Her daughter is a teenager now, but on Halloween, they drive the pointed sign bottom into the ground outside the door, put out a carved lighted jack-o-lantern on an accent table, add some cobwebs and Halloween sounds . . . voila! The single parent’s 5 minute Halloween decorating job. The great thing about the scary sign idea is that it actually stores flat against the wall so you can put it behind something else and easily store it for the year if you are renting a small place.

David and I are also fans of picking up the Halloween sounds and songs CD’s on clearance at the end of the season. These also are affordable and take up very little room to store and add some punch to the Halloween festivities. Something else we’ve been doing for a couple of years now is picking up Halloween themed erasers and pencils at the discount store and keeping them with our decorations. Instead of giving out sugary candy treats (and having the extras around to end up on our hips), we give out these items. They are fun, kids love to get them, and they have a more academic focus so children will be excited to get back to school and use them. Another bonus? You can store them year after year, so having extras just adds to the diversity of your treat selection. Besides, you can also pick them up after season and have little to no prep to do for the holiday if you find you are having a hectic year. I know a woman who gives out individually wrapped brand new toothbrushes every year, which I think is particularly clever. Not themey enough for you? Make sure they’re orange!