Tackling Garden Ideas Through a Recycled Boat Dock

 original boat dock

Photo Credit: WeBeSharin.Com

Today, amidst the rest of the unpacking and settling in hubbub, David tore apart the old boat dock that has been taking up lawn space. It was really not in the condition to keep using, and we are not planning on having a large boat here anyway. The pedal boat and canoe can be launched just fine from shore.

It became apparent that while the wooden sections were tearing off easily, the huge iron base and wheels would pose more of a problem. There was absolutely no way to be able to haul the enormous metal rectangle which appeared to be made out of old railway sections clear to the dump behind our Pathfinder, and even if we could haul something that heavy, it was far too large for our tow-behind utility cart.

Our solution? Trying it out as the framework for a large raised bed, based on the ideas we collected recently on the topic. This will be easier said than done of course, as it will have to be repositioned slowly by the two of us and what we hope will only be round logs from the wood pile. We’ve got it almost where we want it, but the last few feet we’ll need to do by hand. I’m quite certain this process will involve alcohol. We’ll keep you posted.

leaning wheel

Also left over were the two enormous metal wheels with multiple spokes. For David to get these off the nearly rusted solid axle took the better part of the day. It involved several broken tools, lots of choice words from both of us, and a fair amount of WD-40. What a job. It had to be done, however, because the double wheel and axle combo did not have a prayer of fitting in the utility cart either. While we may still chuck the individual metal wheels, I’m looking at trying to find a way to use them creatively in the yard. If I can find a way that doesn’t make us look too much like the Clampets, I’ll give it a whirl. In the meantime, here’s what I’m finding for ideas on the web:

  • This fun gardening blog describes a cute way to utilize an old wagon wheel. The idea is to simply lay one on its side and use each “pie slice” shaped section to border a different small patch of herbs. Adorable! Unfortunately, we won’t be able to use this idea, because the iron wheels that came off the dock have a bunch of overlapping scrolls and this wheel design won’t work with the sideways herb garden idea. I’m definitely filing this one for future use, though!
  • A link and picture of an old wagon wheel used to provide structure to a climbing rose plant. Hmmnnn . . . I wonder if we could modify this idea for our squash and pumpking patch to make the vegetable section of our yard a bit more decorative?
  • This one describes hinging one between to very secure posts and using it for a gate.
  • Pictures and directions for turning a pair of wheels into a bench, or a single one into a coffee table. Don’t think it will work the particular type of wheels we have, but cute ideas none-the-less.

My friend suggested just leaning them against a couple of random trees and putting some no maintenance flowers in front of them to grow. I had Tree surgeon north east come out and trim up a few trees for me. I think I’m leaning towards either that idea or using them to hold pumpkins, cucumbers, or squash. Will try to take pictures of the raised bed and wheels when we get them settled. I did manage to get a before picture of where David hauled it with the vehicle with the wheels and axle still attached.

Photo Credit: Myscha Theriault