Gift Recipes: Chocolate Covered Pretzels


Flickr Photo Credit: Lara 604

A friend with a teen who likes to experiment in the kitchen gave this idea to me. These make a great gift in a large jar or tin and cost nearly nothing to make.

You need three ingredients: pretzels (I get the huge bag at the warehouse store for a little over two dollars), chocolate chips and vegetable shortening.

First, put a frying pan with water in it on low to medium heat. Place a small metal mixing bowl in the water and add a couple of cups of chocolate chips along with a tablespoon or two of shortening. The shortening is what helps the chocolate harden with a nice sheen and keep it from getting lumpy.

Next, put some wax paper on the counter close to the chocolate melting pot. This is where you’ll place the freshly covered pretzels to dry. Using two forks, dip in a pretzel at a time into the melted chocolate. Pass it back and forth a bit between the forks, using the tines to filter out the excess chocolate. Place the pretzel on the wax paper to cool and harden.

This will keep kids entertained for hours. If you are doing it, you can get a decent sized batch done for a hostess gift in no time, and set aside the chocolate mixture in the fridge to remelt later. You can use white, milk or dark chocolate chips. I really like this because it has a ton of style and pizazz for minimal outlay. Everyone likes to receive these as a gourmet treat. Fun for all to make and eat!