Multi – Purpose Seating and Storage

 multi purpose seating

Flickr Photo Credit: Daxiang Stef

Looking for some fun and frugal seating ideas? Needing all the storage you can find? This post should help.  

Consider building a large rectangular plywood box with a hinged lid and castor wheels. Add a cushion for seating and use this as a place to store hard organize items such as holiday platters, bread makers, etc.

Before you dismiss this idea as too rough or ugly to fit into your decor, let me assure you I have seen these done up to look quite charming when primed and painted to match your color scheme. Molding details can be included, or wheels can be substituted with decorative finials or bun feet.

A great place to use this idea is for window seating. Another idea would be not in the kitchen at all but in a downstairs game room. If you make the boxes and cushions the same size as a twin mattress, you also have extra sleeping space when people sleep over. As I’ve been typing this, a further modification has come to mind. I think I can solve a storage and guest space dilemma here at the lake house by using the bed sized box with a top that lifts up to store sections of hanging files. I’ll just include a box section for appropriately sized linens to handle the bedding storage as well.

Just a few ideas to help you get started creating a multi-purpose storage bench for your small space. We’d love to see any pictures of projects along this line that you’ve created.