Making Mimosas


Flickr Photo Credit: Theogeo

Want something simple and elegant for morning meal? 

I love making these drinks for a special brunch or holiday breakfast. I’m sure there are more elaborate recipes out there, but all I’ve ever done is mix half champagne and half orange juice. If I’m feeling like I want to get really fancy, I slice a large strawberry up the middle part way and use it to decorate the rim of the glass. As with the sangria and the mulled wine recipes, you don’t need a really expensive champagne to do this. If you pick up a bunch of bottles after the holiday sales, you could have enough for the rest of the year, depending on how many morning brunch or breakfast parties you host. These are also nice for a breakfast in bed on anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.

This article was submitted to the June 25, 2010 edition of Happy Hour Friday, here on We Be Sharin’.