Hot Coffee Cocktails

 Coffee drinks

Flickr Photo Credit: Multitrack

I trust I’m not the only one with a love for cocktails featuring this morning brew?  

One of our Christmas traditions is for my husband to have a bottle of Bailey’s under the tree so we can have it with our coffee on Christmas morning. Kahlua is also a great addition to coffee, especially with a little canned whipped cream and some shaved chocolate. When compiling egg nog recipes last night, I ran across a recipe for an egg nog latte. That prompted (of course) an interest in seeing what was out there for coffee cocktail recipes. Here’s what I found:

  • Here’s a recipe for Cajun coffee, which calls for rum and molasses. Having grown up Acadian in northern Maine, this coffee recipe is part of my heritage.
  • Here’s one for a dramatic flaming coffee drink to serve at an evening dinner party.
  • This page has a long list of hot coffee cocktail drinks.
  • Lots of recipes here. Quite a long list of unusual coffee drinks.

Having a morning coffee cocktail party is a great way to get together for brunch foods and business ideas. Having a play group activity in your yard? Let the moms relax while the kiddos are building snowmen. (Just make sure someone’s the designated driver!)