Decorating With Flour and Feed Sacks

 grain sack

Flickr Photo Credit: Welsh Karen

I’ve written previously about the burlap coffee sacks we’ll be using as cupboard curtains in the kitchen when we build. But there are other ways to use these unique items as well.

Here are a few ideas.

Recently, after putting up a pot rack in the cottage, I pulled out a burlap zippered bag with colorful stencils that had held a bulk purchase of basmati rice from the warehouse store. I stuffed all of our extra plastic grocery bags (we re-use these for multiple things) inside and zipped it shut. Since it also had a toting handle, I used that to hang it up on the end of our new pot rack with all of the other cooking paraphenalia. It looks great with other rustic elements in the cottage!

When we were house sitting in Jordan this spring, the home owners had a stenciled drawstring cotton flour sack from Syria on their teen’s bed with a giant pillow inside. It was a great accent piece, and fit in perfectly with the casualness of the room.

Some other things I’ve heard of them being used for? Charming children’s clothing designs, window curtains, upholstry fabric for a chair or stool cushion, stuffed with newsprint or plastic bags and tacked to the wall of a rustic-themed bar, restaurant or kitchen . . . or simply framed and hung on a wall. You might also try incorporating the front of one of these colorfully designed food bags into an apron design.

I’ve done quite a bit of searching on the internet for additional project ideas using these items. Apparently, everyone remembers wearing these sack clothing items, but finding the actual directions is proving difficult. However, I will continue to keep an eye out for cute family style ideas regarding flour and feed sacks.