Creative Curtain Ideas

creative curtain idea

Flickr Photo Credit: Emdot

Wanting some stylish window treatments but short on cash? Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

One thing I’m looking at doing when we build is to use a bunch of cool burlap coffee bags we bought in Costa Rica as under the counter shelf-front curtains in our kitchen. They are from the Monte Verde Coffee Company in Monte Verde, Costa Rica and have the neatest logo stenciled on the front. We bought some of the steel cable curtain hangars from Ikea that come with the simple metal clips. These are great for a new sew curtain.

Another idea I’ve seen around (and blogged about previously) are the use of old silverware utensils curved up like hooks and attached to the top of the window sill. You would hang cafe type curtains or other kitchen curtains on them for a look that could fit in with country, primitive, loft, or wildly artistic decorating schemes.  Using old doorknobs in the same manner with tie on curtains is also a neat way to go.

Some other ideas? Try using a colorful ethnic sarong with clips as a unique exterior shower curtain. Napkins folded diagonally in a row across the top of a rod form a great no-sew valance. Antique linen or lace hand towels can be used as an interesting cafe curtain or covering for a bathroom window. I’ve also made pleated valances out of Victorian printed sheets and fabric remnants from the salvage store. I’ve also done some searching around the net. Here’s what I’ve found thus far:

I know there are tons of other ideas out there. Will keep posting on this topic as inspiration arises!