Going Green With Old Fashioned Safety Razors

Safety razor shaving station

Flickr Photo Credit: Joebeone

We put out the word we were looking for a good place to pick up the old fashioned safety razors so we could start buying only the packages of the razor blades themselves, rather than the plastic disposable handles that normally go along with them. We wanted to do this for both Earth friendly and economic reasons, and feel that reducing waste before worrying about recycling is the lifestyle choice we want to strive for.

David’s Mom gave him one for a Christmas gift that year. We’ve never looked back and even shared one on our around the world backpacking trip.

I ran across another related product review today for something called the razor shaver from www.manscaped.com. You are supposed to be able to use it with both the disposable kind of razor blades and just the plain blades themselves. It resharpens the blades so you can supposedly use them enough to realize a 75 percent reduction in the amount of razors / blades you dispose of. This is the only product I’ve ever heard of that offers a safe way to do this. There was an article in the Tightwad Gazette I once read that showed how to do this with the old fashioned blades on the inside of a drinking glass. It looked like you could easily slip though, and I never got brave enough. We were still spending so much less than we previously had been on shaving razors, and disposing of less waste as well. So I never really made it a priority. But this product to safely resharpen them looks interesting and retails for only around 12 dollars. I am putting on our “list of things to try”. Have any of you tried it? We’d love to hear your experiences.