Going Green: Reusable Coffee Filters

Coffee Filters

Flickr Photo Credit: Power Book Trance

How’d you like to help the planet and never have to run out of coffee filters again?

I’ve seen several ads for these over the years, and we have one of the hard style insert ones here at the lake house right now. It came with the property. Some coffee makers come with the filter built in to them, so that the grounds holder and the filter are one piece. I’ve also seen some Earth friendly companies selling soft hemp fabric filters at Coffee Dorks that collapse to carry in your backpack.

A penny pinching friend of mine even used a sanitized white cotton athletic sock stuffed with coffee grounds and tied a knot on top before putting it in a spaghetti pot full of water to boil.  She was too tight on money to replace or purchase a new coffee maker that month. When she had me over for coffee in the morning, we just ladled it out. A bit more work? Yes. But hey, it worked in a pinch and helped her through a difficult financial time.

If you use one of those French press coffee makers with the mesh push down down filter, you won’t have a need to purchase reusable filters easily. If you use paper towels, you can modify one for coffee brewing in a pinch. Or, you can just buy the unbleached kind and compost away when you dump out your coffee grounds.

Obviously, there are several ways you can go with reusable coffee filters. The point is not to add more aggravation to your life. It’s to be more aware of the resources you are consuming and do what you can in a way that easily fits into your lifestyle.