Working From Home: Nylons and Nail Polish Add Up to Big Savings

 Nail Polish

Flickr Photo Credit: Wrestling Entropy

Walking out the door to a traditional job can cost big money.

 Gas, oil, tires, wiper blades, makeup, increased hair care costs, replacing dress shoes due to inclement weather, snagged nylons, manicure upkeep, cell phone and calling plan, PDA, power watch, day care . . . the list goes on.

There are additional hidden costs as well. The cost of not having time to shop for sales, hit the thrift stores, remember to mail rebate slips, clip coupons, cook from scratch and more. Add in dry cleaning and a few take-out dinners per month and the cost of walking out the door just might tip the scales into actually costing you money rather than making it. Let’s do a quick break down:

Day care – 600 dollars a month, nylons/cosmetics/miscellaneous – 40 dollars, extra cell phone minutes – 3o dollars, gasoline – 200 dollars a month, dry cleaning and take out food – 150 dollars a month.

Even using extremely conservative estimates and listing only a few line items, we are already over a thousand dollars. Kind of makes leaving home for a part time minimum wage desk job sound like a down right bad idea, doesn’t it?

If full time home making and investment tracking is not enough of a challenge for you and you really want to put your energy and talents towards additional efforts, at least consider starting your own business. You can bring in a little money, realize significant tax savings, and have more control over your personal and family time. In this age of online opportunities and telecommuting, going out the door to work is getting to be a very unnecessary expense.