Creating a Healing Environment: You’ve Got Mail

 You’ve Got Mail

Flickr Photo Credit: S.C. Bailey

The power of human interaction is almost beyond comprehension when it comes to long term recovery or heaven forbid, dealing with a terminal illness.

Even those long distances away can provide comfort and “mood enhancing” assistance with various types of communication. From actual hard-copy mail, to prayer and meditation, to internet communication or voice mail, this form of healing support is invaluable. If phone and postage costs are prohibitive in supporting your loved one’s recovery process, consider internet options such as the various sites where you can go for free and select various greeting cards, virtual floral arrangements, etc. Most of these also allow you to pick the date a particular “e-card” is sent. This provides a fabulous way to provide up to a year’s worth of cheer in advance. Simply select various e-greetings for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. Include your message to the recipient, and select the appropriate day for distribution. Even the tightest of budgets without internet or personal computer access can usually allow the use of an affordable city bus to the local library for internet access. If that is still too much of a concern, most people, regardless of their personal spiritual beliefs, are comfortable acknowledging the power of prayers and positive thoughts. Anyone can find a way to provide comfort and healing assistance through this venue.