Creating a Healing Environment: The Good Humor Man

 Funny Dog

Flickr Photo Credit: Nogg3r5

The healing benefits of laughter are well known. If you have a friend, loved one or family member in need of recovery and “mood enhancement”, consider the medicinal gift of humor.

Local library branches usually have comedy videos / cd’s available for check out. There is also no shortage of internet options for jokes and comedic anecdotes. You might even register your loved one to receive some of these “daily delivery” options. If time allows, bring a joke book in the style preferred by the patient and read it to them at their bedside. One thing is for certain, providing the gift of comedy need not provide an insurmountable challenge to your family budget.  So go ahead. Schedule a “laugh – in” for the person in your life who needs one. It’s a support method you’re both sure to enjoy.