Creating a Healing Environment: She Gave Me Water


Flickr Photo Credit: Woute R.

Incorporating the water element into your healing oasis is a powerful aid in establishing the proper attitude for recovery.

Try a miniature (or larger if space permits) waterfall / fountain in the hospital room, home atmosphere, or outdoor therapeutic garden. The soothing sounds and visual beauty of moving water will do wonders. Many fountains also have stones, incorporating the earth element as well. Other ideas? Koi ponds or other types of “water gardens”, as well as wising ponds for larger facilities.


  1. Doug Green says:

    You’re right, there’s a lot of healing as well as sharing that goes on around ponds and water features. When part of a landscape or garden, they bring peace to that area separating us from the artificial urban spaces beyond the fence. Smaller indoor water features remind us of those natural spaces.