Creating a Healing Environment: Elements of Style – Incorporating Color Into Your Loved One’s Healing Oasis

Incorporating Color 


Flickr Photo Credit: One by Jude



Most of us probably agree that day in and day out of drab walls and linens inhibits anyone’s mood, regardless of whether they are ill or not. Those dealing with a serious disease need their spirits lifted even more.


A simple and affordable way to do this is with color. Bright quilts or a favorite blanket are wonderful comfort items for the hospital or home care situation. Colorful bandanas make affordable curtain tie-backs for children’s rooms. Discount stores or grandma’s scrap box can each prove wonderful sources for snazzy pillows to toss in a bedside chair / rocker or in the rest bed itself.


Colorful scarves and caps for chemotherapy patients allow them to show their individual style and personality. Tapestries and sarongs for wall art, colorful robes and pajamas . . . all will assist your loved one in the healing process.