Creating a Healing Environment: Aromatherapy


Flickr Photo Credit: Furry Scaly

With some patients, this may not be appropriate. But for many, it is.

Some ways to keep it economical? Pick up a liquid potpourri burner at your local thrift store. What’s that? Panicking over the cost of liquid potpourri while you’re trying to make over the family budget in order to stay home and care for your loved one? Fear not. As most people who know me will tell you, I can squeeze a nickel “until it cries”. Aromatherapy options are no exception.Water with a few drops of a preferred essential oil reduces the cost dramatically. Still not affordable enough? Saving apple peels / cores, citrus peels and similar items to toss in with the water to slow simmer adds a great deal of aroma to a home or room. The cost? Free! Still needing another idea? This one gives you a healthy, soothing beverage as well: In Egypt, a popular Ramadan drink is made by slow simmering cinnamon in hot water. Not only will your recovery environment smell FABULOUS , you’ll have a soothing beverage as well. Do a little cinnamon research on your own. You may be surprised at some of the health benefits.


  1. I love using products that produce pleasing aromas. I love your idea of saving apple peels / cores, citrus peels and similar items and simmering them in water. Thanks.