Creating a Healing Environment: A Room With a View

Room With a View lead picture for the healing spaces article 

Flickr Photo Credit: Wili Hybrid



The healing effects of a positive environment have been acknowledged throughout history. Looking for a way to provide a room with an inspirational and healing view?


Having been blessed with the time to assist numerous family members with long term illnesses, and seeing the benefits a home environment provides to the recovery process, I feel privileged to contribute this series of articles. Creating a healing atmosphere, or providing a “room with a view” need not be expensive or difficult. Even those with loved ones who must remain in the hospital can develop a healing oasis with some very simple tips.



Orient the bed or resting area toward the window to enjoy the view of the farm, pasture, garden, ocean, mountains, etc. If the only view you have available is the wall of another building, don’t despair. Window sized “stained glass” decals featuring flowers, vines and other plant-like themes are available for little cost at most larger home warehouse stores. The sunlight from outside will illuminate the decals providing an “oasis” atmosphere when no natural view is present.



Plants are another way to incorporate this philosophy. While flowers are wonderful to receive, they frequently have a brief shelf life. Why not consider plants, or more specifically herbs?  These “atmosphere enhancers” serve as the proverbial “gift that keeps on giving”. The plants live on, can be replanted in a kitchen garden, add an element of green to the room, and can be used to enhance healing meals (for the severely ill, check with the case dietician).  You may even want to go the extra mile and select an herb specifically suited for your loved one’s ailment.


A third option for a “room with a view” is a skylight. These are fabulous for day and night viewing, particularly if the individual is partial to the starry skies.