Working From Home: Wear Your Own Work Station With a Service Apron


Flickr Photo Credit: Phunk Starr

Did you ever notice how restaurant personnel seem to be able to juggle many things at once with no desk to speak of?

And what do they usually have for an organizational work station? That’s right. The multi-pocketed work apron. The kind I like best are the nylon ones with webbed belts. If they have at least one zippered pocket and a couple of deep ones, even better.

These things are a fabulous help to the work at home professional or the stay at home spouse. Instead of wait staff tools, think cell phone in pocket with blue tooth on, pens and post it notes, PDA’s and an extra pocket to “file” all those little notes and reminders you write for yourself until you can organize them in your home office at the end of the day. No more digging for pens or running for a piece of paper if a call comes in while your head is stuck in the dishwasher. Everything you need will be in easy reach.

A carpenter’s apron would probably work well for this too. A friend of mine hasn’t gone as far as the full apron, but her landlines cordless phone unit has a plug in for a head set. So that she won’t be glued to the wall and can deal with bulk food prep and other things while taking a consulting call, she got one of those single snap on pockets that can hook on to your belt. It’s one that electricians and other service persons use and she got it at Home Depot for under 10 bucks.