Making it Happen: A Cajun Healing Soup

 Cajun Healing Soup Pic

Flickr Photo Credit: Adactio

Cooking is one affordable way to “Make it Happen” when it comes to budgeting for the option to stay home and care for a family member. Looking for a simple “feel better” soup to serve your loved one?

Here’s what you need:

Large can of vegetable juice


Cayenne pepper

Olive oil


Heat together and add additional seasonings to taste. This broth for when solid food is not an option, is packed with nutrition, and simple to prepare. If the retail version of the vegetable juice is too expensive for your budget, try homemade vegetable stock (made from the saved ends of vegetables prepared throughout the week and saved in the overhead freezer) with a few frozen cubes of tomato paste. Thicken with corn starch if necessary, then add the rest of the above ingredients. Affordable and healing, this recipe really helps “Make It Happen”. For those who aren’t dealing with an illness or avoiding solid foods, this soup would be delicious paired with any of the following sandwich ideas. Another idea to take a simple soup like this to the next level is to use soup garnishes to add elegance, flavor and crunch.


Editor’s Note: You could also try adding some chopped kale to this soup and pairing it with one of these vegan sandwiches.