Decorating With Discarded Ladders


Flickr Photo Credit: Plakshun

These things abound at yard / estate sales, thrift stores and salvage yards. Particularly the ones that are getting a bit rickety to stand on. But there are many things you can do with them around the house.

For example:

  • Add shelves across the rung sets of a two sided step ladder and paint it to match your color palette. This makes an attractive display stand.
  • Hang vertically on your kitchen or pantry wall with s-hooks and use to store utensils and other kitchen items.
  • Use one to hang and display linens, tapestries or quilts.
  • Magazine display and storage, similar to the rung display racks you see at libraries.
  • I saw a fireman themed bench once for a children’s room. The back and seat were made from steel ladders. Legs had been added, and there were long red cushions along the back and seating areas. Cute, if you like that look, and it certainly would hold up to any amount of abuse a child could dish out on it.
  • A two sided step ladder could be painted to create a stylish product display area in a shop or gallery.
  • Hang from your kitchen ceiling and add s-hooks for a unique and affordable pot rack.
  • Back one with MDF and paint to create an unusual shadow box display area.
  • CD rack.
  • Wall mounted towel rack in your bathroom. I like this idea because you can hang it vertically and get major amounts of hanging space in a tiny batch. Hang it over the heating register and you have a built in towel warmer to boot. Talk about luxury on a budget!
  • Use one as a plant trellis.
  • Cut one in half and use the two sections as wide legs for a new table.
  • Use two wooden step ladders of equal height and top with a sheet of glass, plywood or an old wooden door with lots of patina. I’ve seen something similar done with old saw horses, so I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t work with the step ladders. With the right paint or stain choice and the perfect table top option, you can make something really unique and custom for your home.

Next time someone you’re getting ready to throw out an old ladder, think again!