Budget Decorating: Paper Bag Walls and Floors

 paper bags

Flickr Photo Credit: Tanakawho

A few years back, I saw this technique used on an accent wall. It’s been filed away in my mind for future use for some time. Recently, while researching another blog topic, I ran across a reference to using this technique on floors that was supposed to hold up for years. The difference being that instead of a lite decoupage medium used on the walls that peels off more easily when you’re tired of it (great for renters, or if you don’t want to peel off a ton of old wallpaper), the floor technique uses multiple coats of polyurethane. I looked around and found a few links with images that got me really excited about the quality of this type of project.

A very designer look that could be used with multiple decorating styles.

  • Here is a page from a decorating discussion group where a woman posted pictures from the floor she and her husband refinished in torn brown paper. Scroll down a bit under the pictures and you will find her written step by step instructions, including mistakes, lessons learned, and tips she thinks you should know to have a successful end result.
  • This page is by a person who does this quite a bit. There are images of using the technique with colored paper, doing ceiling repair and continuing the process to have a faux leather ceiling upon completion. Lots of inspiration for paper bag wall treatments here.
  • Another set of directions for making a paper bag floor using a roller and urethane.

I’m really excited about finding a place to try this at our new place!