Budget Decorating: Ideas for Creative Affordable Backsplashes


Photo Credit: Ddaarryynn 

The area behind your stove and above your counters takes a lot of abuse. It also tends to be neglected as a functional storage area.

 Need some ideas to incorporate a more usable (and easily cleaned) backsplash?

  • Stainless steel – You can get sheets of this at the hardware store if you want. Or, Ikea carries them in pre-cut sized that are VERY affordable.
  • Other metals, such as copper, pressed tin, or galvanized steel.
  • Do a cool decoupage or paper mosaic to suit your personal taste and color scheme. Then, attach a large piece of glass cut to size over the top and attach it with some industrial feel loft-style hardware. The glass will keep things sanitary, cleans easily and will protect your budget art work underneath.
  • Instead of paper art under the glass as suggested above, you could paint the wall a bold color and add lettering in inspirational quotes or kitchen / cooking words before covering the glass. Or, have your children paint basic designs directly on the back of the glass (hand prints, squiggles or rubber stamp images are great for the very young) before attaching it.
  • Mirrors.
  • Chalkboard paint, magnetic paint, bulletin cork board, or a combination of all three to make it a communications station.
  • Also, don’t neglect the functionality of this space, particularly if you have a smaller kitchen. Think cup hooks under the cabinets to hold coffee mugs, towel bars with s-hooks on the walls to store baskets, utensils and other items, or magnet bars to hold frequently used knives, recipes, and other metal kitchen tools.

Once you’re armed with a few ideas and strategies, it’s much easier to get excited about pursing a frugal option with your kitchen decor. This can, and frequently is, one of the most expensive rooms to decorate in the house. But saving money doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. You can still have a great looking backsplash on a budget.