Budget Recipe: Bulk Homemade Pie Crust

 Pie crust.

Flickr Photo Credit: 177

This stuff keeps for at least a year in the freezer. Although, if you do a lot of chicken pot pies, quiches and Sunday dinner dessert pies, they may not last that long. When you are finished making the pastry dough, keep dividing into halves until you have 24 equally (more or less) sized patties. Place each patty into an el cheap fold over sandwich bag and then place all 24 patty bags into one or two larger gallon sized freezer bags with a resealable top. Whenever you need a quick pie crust or two, you’re all set.

1 3-poun can of shortening, 1 pound melted margarine, 20 cups flour, 4 cups cold water, 1 tbsp salt, 3 tbsp sugar. Using a very large mixing bowl (my largest stainless steel one just fits this ingredient list inside of it), mix shortening, margarine and flour until well blended. Add cold water, salt and sugar. Use your hands to blend this together, but don’t over mix or you may end up with a tough crust. The dough will be slightly sticky when you are ready to stop.

When you are ready to use one, take it out to thaw and roll it out to the desired size. This bulk batch is also great to make just before the winter holiday season gets on a roll. You will be all set for any last minute pot luck invites, as well as holiday dessert prep.