Budget Home Design: The Luxury of an Outdoor Shower

outdoor shower

Flickr Photo Credit: Jurvetson

We’ve started looking into this idea because we recently purchased a waterfront property and want to have a place for people to hose off after swimming and lounging on the grass.

This should help keep the dirt accumulation down inside the cottage, and also provide convenience for those people who might stop by when we’re not here, but still want to swim, fish, or drop in a kayak.

I also remember how much I enjoyed having outdoor showers when I traveled to Bali. There was also a great woodsy outdoor spa David and I went to when we traveled to Costa Rica. The places they had to shower off after soaking in the hot spring pools were very simple, yet had a great exotic feel. One of the showers fed out of the river that ran next to the spa pools. You had to walk across the lower part of the water on natural stepping stones to the other side where there was a large boulder with a moss covered rotted out log leaning over the top of it. Inside the log where you couldn’t see it was the water pipe. The handle to start the water running was on the side of the log where you barely noticed it. There was a flat rock under the water flow. So you got to stand in the middle of the rainforest with enormous blue butterflies floating by, jungle sounds abounding, and your own personal waterfall shower flowing out of a log over a moss covered boulder. Really cool. And dirt cheap.  The other shower pipe ran up the side of a banyan tree with a faucet and shower head attached as described at https://shower-enclosure.org/best-shower-panel-reviews/. Vines were growing around it, so the metal blended in. They had a rustic sign carved on a section of log, so the whole thing integrated completely with nature.

Standing in the outdoors, bathing in nature with bird sounds all around . . . there’s something definitely luxurious and sensuous about it. What’s interesting is the fact that some of my favorite outdoor bathrooms donot appear to have used very expensive materials. So I decided to do a little research online. Here are my results. I’ll post our experience when we take the plunge, as well as any other online resources I find.

I’m also on the lookout for book titles I can check out from the local library. Will post book reviews when I get this done.

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