Budget Decorating Ideas: Some Great DIY Projects

 DIY decorating

Flickr Photo Credit: Thor-Erik Rodland

If I see unique items that are outside the mainstream, I like to document them for possible future use.

Here are a few that I found recently.

  • This project idea shows how to make a doormat out of wooden clothes pins. I think this would be great for a spa / Zen type of bathroom decor. Very earthy when placed with wooden bath brushes and sea sponges . . . check it out.
  • Who doesn’t love a hammock? This project page shows you how to make your own hammock in an afternoon. Really fun, and this allows you control over color and fabric choices.
  • Got a teen? This page shows how to make a rug out of old T-shirts. A fun weekend project for parent and child.
  • Here’s an idea for making your own coat hanger wine rack. Definitely a budget project.
  • Hmm . . . this looks a bit like something that would be geared more for the college student. However, with a solid neutral color paint and varnish, it might work for the modern home design enthusiast who is on a major budget. The idea is to use a huge stash of sturdy boxes, cut out a shape and laminate together to create a cardboard coffee table.I’ve seen books before on this concept. Apparently, if you know what you’re doing, the pieces can be quite sturdy. If you are just starting out, or want a budget rumpus room for the kids, this stuff might be fun with lots of denim, corrugated steel and MDF board in an attic space.
  • Need some extra storage in your potting shed or gardening area? Here’s a project idea involving an old piece of trellis and some s-hooks.
  • Want an extra cheap outdoor party idea? Here’s a project for craft wire, old costume jewelry beads and empty baby food jars. The result? A do it yourself outdoor chandelier to use with bargain tea light candles.
  • Here’s a craft site that rebels from the typical cutsy projects. Some fairly unusual stuff here. I particularly like the Asian cherry blossom mural on the wall. I would think you could pull this off with very little artistic skill. The pop art soda can mosaic mirror is interesting as well . . . very Andy Warhol.
  • Here’s a decoupage celestial themed art project. This is a neat . I would think you could really modify this to include many themes and and scenes.
  • Chicken wire, beads and interior decorating? Apparently so, with these DIY wall pockets that can be used as a base for projects in a variety of decorating styles.
  • Here’s a project idea that uses fabric and a craft hoop to create a dramatic bed canopy. Choose from a variety of fabrics to get the look you might want.
  • This project page for a beaded fan pull struck me as a dirt cheap way to upgrade a run down pull chain. Think broken costume jewelry you have around the house.
  • If cottage style decorating is your thing, this article offers a simple overview to start throwing together your own look on the cheap.
  • Here’s an article for designing an outdoor “room” for minimal nickels. This second article is closely related, with a few different ideas.
  • On a major budget? Here’s an article for setting up a home from scratch, using yard sale items. This additional article deals with similar ideas designed for family living.
  • This page from HGTV has several dramatic ideas for small space decorating on a budget. I especially like the floating triptych, the raw materials kitchen ideas, and the “gate of riches” the girl used in her bedroom.