Budget Decorating Ideas: New Uses for Old Shutters


Flickr Photo Credit: Delgaudm

These things have tons of character, and are usually available for next to nothing at tag sales and salvage yards.

I’ve seen them used as great room dividers before, and started wondering what else you could possibly do with them. Here’s what I found.

  • Here’s a link to an online project page showing various things you can do with old shutters. One thing I thought was particularly creative was the sofa table. Basically, the designer had fashioned what was in essence a folding divider screen. The difference was that only shorter shutters were used. It was set up behind a sofa in zig-zag fashion with a beveled glass rectangular top. They also showed a way to hang them on a wall inside your entryway with hooks to serve as a catch-all or hall tree. Check it out.
  • Some interesting project ideas made from old shutters are available with this link. A couple of the ideas include a Christmas card holder and using the shutters as cabinet doors on furniture building projects.
  • An article on using old shutters to create new things.
  • Want to make a CD rack from an old shutter? This page will show you how.

Have fun decorating, and please let us know if you try one of these projects for yourself. We’d love to see the results!