Budget Recipes: Multipurpose Marinara


Those of you who know me know that in addition to this recipe, I also usually make spaghetti sauce by the kiloton and freeze bulk cans of basic tomato sauce and paste into ice cube trays to be stored in gallon freezer bags in the space over my fridge. This recipe however, is one that I use for a number of recipes and can be easily frozen flat in pint or quart sized freezer bags, which are generally the sizes I need it for. Here’s what you do to make it:

One number 10 can of plain tomato puree (this has no salt, which is great if you are watching that) and Italian seasoning to taste. That’s it. Double it as many times as you need to. In my ultra big stainless steel pot, I usually put in at least two number ten cans of the puree to about half of one of those large jars of Italian seasoning they carry at Costco.

In addition to the obvious pasta marinara, here are some of the things I use this sauce for: pizza sauce, Italian soup base, chicken/veal/eggplant Parmesan, and meatball sandwich sauce. In the past, I’ve always frozen this flat in freezer bags. However, now that our larger freezer is stored with the movers while we renovate at the lake, I may have to explore canning this sauce to maximize space.

Flickr Photo Credit: Ramsey Everydaypants

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