Recipes: Blender and Baking Mix Pie Ideas

Blender pie.

Flickr Photo Credit: Rochelle

Upon reviewing my recipe additions the other day, I noticed a special recipe for blender pie that several friends had inquired about.  I decided to do a bit of internet research and see if I could find more. Interestingly enough, several sites which posted multiple recipes on the subject had these desert items mixed in with Bisquick or homemade biscuit mix recipe ideas for the “impossible” dinner pie ideas. Here are the ones I found on my research mission, including one that has a bunch of general Bisquick recipes.

Blender pie recipe using lemon-lime soda and baking mix. Interesting.

Jackpot! She’s got some great dessert recipes for impossible pies, as well as several dinner ones based on the homemade “Bisquick” recipes. A major home budget helper here. This lady’s done a lot of work to post this. The main site also has a bunch of general biscuit mix and other recipes.

Some casserole pie ideas here, as well as a bunch of other baking mix recipes from several categories.

Lots of good ideas here, particularly for dinner pies.