Pet Tip / Budget Tip: Ol’ Roy Dinner Rounds

Dog on Table 

Flickr Photo Credit: Randy Son of Robert

This is another great tip I got from one of the dollar stretcher newsletters ( .

The dinner rounds come in large bags of varying sizes and are actually sold as one of Walmart’s higher end dog food options. However, they look, feel and apparently taste quite similar to the popular (and expensive) round sausage type of treats that are on the market for dogs right now.

I empty the whole bag into an airtight (preferrably clear) container to maintain moisture and dispense the treats individually as appropriate. The dogs love them, they’re cheap, and since they are reasonably small, I don’t need to break them apart like I did the doggy biscuits. This is a great time saver as well, since I’m not running around cleaning up pet biscuit crumbs. Two thumbs up!


  1. Susan says:

    my walmart doesn’t carry the ol’roy dinner rounds any more and my dogs love it. anywhere else I can get it?

  2. myscha39 says:

    Hmmnn . . . I can think of a couple of ideas, Susan. First, since other Walmarts carry the rounds, ask the manager to accept your request. They often pay close attention to customers asking for particular items.

    Second, if there is a parent manufacturer (mine are now stored in a clear plastic bag so I’m not sure – will check when I power shop next week, though.), contact them. For example, Ralston Purina was the manufacturer for a Costco brand we used to use in the southwest. They may know what other brands it’s packaged under. Now that I’m thinking about it, what about the Sam’s club equivelent? It’s the same company . . . I have to shop there next month. I’ll check too. . .

    Keep me posted, Susan. These are an important item in our home, so I’m very interested in this issue.