Budget Tip: Recycled Clothing

 Denim closeup

Flickr Photo Credit: Sunshine City

Besides shopping at thrift stores and yard sales to clothe your family in the traditional way (simply wearing the second-hand garments), these clothes can be recycled in other ways that a person with sewing skills will be able to pull off with ease.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Adding beads, trims and costume jewels to denim items.
  • Replacing dated looking buttons and fastenings with something more to your current tastes
  • Remaking jeans into pocketbooks, backpacks and bed covers.
  • Cut apart adult-sized jumpers, blazers, dress coats and other items to sew into new clothing for younger members of the family. Many times, the largest part of the adult garment is in excellent shape, with only the hem, collar or cuffs frayed. If the fabric is of superior quality, your family will be clothed in style.

Some further ideas on the subject? A larger, wool coat made into a woman’s vest. How about a plus-sized jumper or skirt made into coordinating outfits for younger siblings? Certain velvet items can find new life as decorative throw pillows. With a little imagination, you can save major bucks without sacrificing style.