More Yurt Links


Flickr Photo Credit: Diamond Mountain

Spent some time researching during our trip and found additional links for checking out the yurt option yourself. Here they are:  Couple of online discussion forums for yurt accessories and the sale of used yurts. When I first started researching this, there was no forum for listing and searching for used yurts. This is great news, as far as I’m concerned.
Nice looking yurt rental. Very similar looking property to our own lake parcel. A yurt spa with a fab outdoor shower. Images on the page. A rental yurt in Hawaii. This page has a link so you can look at images of the yurt’s interior decoration. Yurt bed and breakfast in Mexico. Some neat interiors. Several of their yurts have private bathrooms. Private dining yurt on the top of a mountain.
Woodsy yurt rental.
Scroll down through the Moscow restaurant reviews till you reach the one for the tea house in a yurt. Really great interior and a fab idea.  Scroll down to the heating and utilities question section and you’ll see the first image I’ve found for a streamlined looking air conditioning option. They offer and extra door option that you install without hinges (it has a
window on the top) and the a.c. unit is installed underneath. Looks very smooth and professional.
A yurt retreat and garden area. There is a three page gallery here, but it takes a bit to load. A photo diary of interior and exterior design work on a personal home yurt.
Photo collection from a yurt dweller. with information and diagrams for various types of alternative living structures, including yurts, tipis and domes. A yurt site with interior images and other categories of information.
Interior contstruction images from a smaller, hide-sided yurt. An interior pic and location shot for a mountain yurt. This deck looks rather grand.
Includes pictures of interior and exterior images of the contruction phases of a multiple yurt connected structure. Quite ambitious. An online yurt diary from a woman in Switzerland.
Scottish storytelling yurt. This is a neat project that will interest story tellers, nomads and felt makers alike. These guys appear to rent out their portable yurts and specialize in creating interior design options for yurts. Neat concept. A luxury yurt camping option in the south of France. Alternative laundry options for your start up yurt or other remote living situation. This place sells products useful for those living off the grid, including washboards.